265. Who aspires to the next war?
265. Who aspires to the next war?

265. Who aspires to the next war?

Vienna 7/31/2022

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The answer to the title question comes when we consider the disastrous situation facing the US Democratic Party three months before the Congress and Senate elections. Back in 1998, when Senator-turned-Alzheimer’s President Joe Biden said that announcing Ukraine’s entry into NATO would be enough to provoke Russia into war. And that’s what happened.

The current Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, tried to incite a war between the US and China as early as September 1991.

Pelosi is currently planning a visit to Taiwan. China has threatened to seize or shoot down its plane if it comes near Taiwan. If that happens, it means China’s attack on the US. Iran has officially supported China’s position. And just like in the conflict in Ukraine, the aggressor will be another country – not the US.

Although Nancy Pelosi doesn’t lend a hand to nonexistent people like Joe Biden, she has serious problems speaking properly.

It’s hard to understand what she’s talking about. But these are the people who are on the front lines today and want to cause another conflict. The tragedy in Ukraine has done little for the Democrats, so it’s high time to start a new war to consolidate American citizens in defending the “good” forces against the evil forces.

China, on the other hand, is preparing for war. China’s daily shipments of heavy weapons to the coast of Taiwan and preparations for major military maneuvers are the best proof of this.

An article appeared in Swiss Uncut-News on Friday: China is issuing the same warnings about Taiwan as Russia is about Ukraine.

Pelosi flies to Taipei.

“We have repeatedly made it clear that we strongly oppose the possible visit of Speaker Pelosi to Taiwan. If the US side insists on the visit and challenges China’s red line, we will respond with decisive countermeasures,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijiang said on Wednesday. “The US must accept full responsibility for any serious consequences that may arise.”

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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