257. 11 victims in one day
257. 11 victims in one day

257. 11 victims in one day

Vienna 7/19/2022

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It will not be a report about a day of war in Ukraine. Nor does the issue concern the victims of another natural disaster caused by “global warming” during the cold phase of the Earth’s heat cycle. These 11 people really died in one day. A common feature of these deaths was their location – some Italian beach and the term “sudden and unexpected” death.

At least 11 holidaymakers die ‘suddenly and unexpectedly’ on beaches in one day – according to the headline of the article published on Sunday on the German-language platform Our Central Europe.

As Italians prepare for their fourth Covid “vaccination”, the number of sudden deaths continues to rise – 11 people under the age of 60 have died on Italian beaches in the last few hours alone. With beach season just around the corner, there’s a new heartbreaking phenomenon: healthy vacationers are dying from sudden and unexpected “medical emergencies.” Beachgoers worldwide collapse while walking or swimming on the beach. Many of them suffer cardiac arrest and die.

As of July 2022, almost 48.7 million people in Italy have received two doses of the controversial Covid “vaccines”, or about 90.1 percent of the total population over the age of 12. In addition, three out of four Italians have also received a so-called booster vaccination.

Meanwhile, the list of “unexplained deaths” and “sudden deaths” continues to grow. This phenomenon is so common that it even has its own acronym: SADS, for “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”.

  1. Died at the age of 52: Doctor Pier Giorgio Paesano;
  2. Deceased at the age of 42: Eligio Greco;
  3. Died at the age of 45: Guardia Mangano;
  4. Died at the age of 59: Giuseppe Bottani;
  5. Deceased at the age of 51: Rachid Khlifa;
  6. Died at the age of 22: Guardia Mangano;
  7. Deceased at the age of 63: man;
  8. Died at the age of 53: man;
  9. Died at the age of 48: Danny;
  10. Died at the age of 33: Mauro Libralesso;
  11. Deceased at the age of 30: VMann from Varese, Mattia.

The reason is certainly the heat and the overzealous fulfillment of politicians’ whims… Despite media reports about the climate contradicting the actual events, heat no less than today afflicted beautiful Italy even in the times of Nero and Caligula. The latter, or rather its nickname Caligula, won in the Polish competition for the best name for another pandemic. Centaurus didn’t even pass the pre-qualification.

For those who still doubt the connection of cases of sudden and unexpected death with the genocidal campaign of genetic experiments, I will present a list of such cases published yesterday on the Telegram channel: https://t.me/ploetzlich_und_unerwartethttps:// t.me/ploetzlich_und_unerwartet.

  • Turin / Italy. Gynecologist with compulsory vaccination Katia Mingrone died at the age of only 52 from a brain hemorrhage while on vacation in Calabria. 7/17/22;
  • Nettuno near Rome. Marco Di Bona took the injection and died at the age of 56 following a medical emergency;
  • Germany, Attorney Andreas Fehlhaber died suddenly and unexpectedly;
  • Lido delle Nazioni: A pensioner who has to be vaccinated suddenly collapses dead in the shallow water while collecting shells in the morning. 7/18/22;
  • Brescia-Bergamo: Dutch tourist (65) suddenly collapses dead while crossing an overpass in his Volvo and collides with Tesla. 17.7.22. The everyday scene of vaccinated society;
  • Tyrol / Austria. A 52-year-old worker died while repairing the roller coaster;
  • Sucre, Colombia: TV journalist Carlos Severiche Sierra suddenly collapses on a bike path with acute heart failure – dead;
  • Catanzaro: Police officer Fabio Plastino, 52, who has to be vaccinated, is the victim of a “sudden medical emergency” and is transported to the hospital, where he is pronounced dead on arrival. 7/18/22;
  • Suddenly lost consciousness while swimming: 53-year-old British tourist dies in the pool in Mallorca. 7/18/22;
  • Castelraimondo: Pensioner who is required to be vaccinated suddenly collapses dead while drinking coffee at the bar. 7/18/22;
  • In Kaisten, Switzerland, an elderly driver drove into a house on Sunday. The 82-year-old could not be resuscitated;
  • The famous German musician Paul Ryder (founder of the band Happy Mondays) died at the age of only 58 shortly before a concert at an English festival;
  • As chairman of the German Comics Association, Stefan Neuhaus has achieved a lot for the appreciation of the art form. He has now died at the age of 74;
  • Jost Bitterli from Olten, the lawyer and lawyer, former city councilor and former president of the EHC Olten (hockey club), died at the age of 77;
  • Death on vacation in Crete/Greece: The Briton had not moved for hours;
  • Pfäffikon ZH/Switzerland: Missing man found dead after swimming accident;
  • Sardinia: Tourist (64) from near Milan who had to be vaccinated died after a sudden medical emergency on the beach – heart failure. 7/18/22;
  • Paola (Cosenza): The new city councilor Francesco Sansostri, who had to be vaccinated, suddenly collapsed and died in padel tennis in his early 50s. 7/18/22;
  • 80cc GP driver Günter Schirnhofer is dead;
  • Avella: Municipal employee Ferdinando Amato suddenly collapses dead “on a beautiful summer evening” – at just 44 years old;
  • Tuscany: Roberto Arcioni (63) recently posted his “booster” injection. According to the authorities’ reconstructions, on the night of 16.7.22, after a sudden medical emergency, he fell into a sewer from which he could only be rescued dead.

These were only selected reports on one day: July 18th. Most of us don’t remember the discovery of Dr. Andeas Noack. He found that the graphene hydroxide molecules in these experimental vaccines act like micro-razor blades that cannot be removed from the body. That’s why he was murdered.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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