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Plandemic of Fear last updated on 09/22/2023

After the famous “two weeks” years have passed and my blog is growing systematically. So that readers don’t have to download the whole thing with every new entry, I decided to divide the e-book into years.

Individual years are available below:

Plandemic of Fear 2023 first entry 01/01/2023, last 09/22/2023

Plandemic of Fear 2022 first entry 01/03/2022, last 12/31/2022

Plandemic of Fear 2021, first entry 01/03/2021, last 12/25/2021

Plandemic of Fear 2020 first entry 03/30/2020, last 12/24/2020

As new entries become available, both the entire e-book and the current year will be completed.

I wish all readers interesting reading and invite you to comment on the blog.

Marek Wojcik