208. China today
208. China today

208. China today

Vienna 4/27/2022

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As the world bids farewell to memories of the plandemic, China is enacting drastic rules to combat the virus. Look what’s going on with the children there:

A system for testing this artificially created disease using automata was created:

Another conspiracy theory? Unfortunately, more and more have come true. If that’s not enough for you, watch the film: When the supermarkets are closed.

The “voluntary coercion” practiced in former communist bloc countries has caused a string of deaths in China that perfectly coincides with the string of sudden and unexpected deaths around the world.

Even if the law on forced participation in a genocide experiment in Austria, which is suspended until the end of May and still threatens open-minded people, clearly shows that China may be far from us, but the Chinese method of social control is increasingly penetrating the Life penetrates the inhabitants of Europe and other continents.

Another Chinese city is preparing for a lockdown. Barriers are also being erected at the entrances to buildings in Beijing.

Since, according to the President of the European Union, all EU countries are obliged to introduce a covid passport from July 1, we cannot assume that such an unrealistic scenario as the Chinese are experiencing here is impossible. The implementation of this project is the next step towards global control over the population of the entire world.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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