202. Lessons from two years of Corona
202. Lessons from two years of Corona

202. Lessons from two years of Corona

Wroclaw / Poland 4/17/2022

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I found a compilation on Twitter (twitter.com/SHomburg), a list of social phenomena from the time of the plandemic.

  1. Most people prefer the majority to the truth;
  2. Fear of social exclusion can be stronger than fear of death;
  3. Many have strong authoritarian tendencies that become apparent under appropriate conditions;
  4. Propaganda is just as effective in modern times as it was 100 years ago, even though people today have access to unlimited information;
  5. Media, governments and their followers ideologize any problem;
  6. Some politicians and corporations sacrifice human life if it serves political or profit purposes;
  7. Most believe governments act in the interests of the people, even many critics believe so;
  8. It is fairly easy to train or coordinate people to behave differently, for better or for worse;
  9. “Conspiracy theorists” are often well-informed and just ahead of current narratives;
  10. Most value security above freedom, even if their security is only an illusion;
  11. An amazing proportion of people appreciate being oppressed;
  12. So-called “science” has gradually developed into a pseudo-religion;
  13. Politics, science, media and health authorities are for sale to varying degrees;
  14. As long as people are given bread and circuses, they do not revolt against the deprivation of their rights;
  15. It is easier to deceive people than to convince them that they have been deceived.

In Germany, after the mask requirement in shops has been lifted, 63% of Germans will still wear masks.

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Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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