201. Consistent implementation of the plan
201. Consistent implementation of the plan

201. Consistent implementation of the plan

Wroclaw / Poland 4/13/2022

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Information about the tragic situation in Shanghai shocked even those most used to the horrors of today’s world. This major Chinese agglomeration, Asia’s largest transshipment port, has been successfully blocked by the Chinese authorities. The reason is the anti-pandemic strategy called Zero Covid, the same as in Australia or New Zealand. One or more cases of people “detected” by a fake PCR test for mock infection is enough to shut down a city of more than a few European countries. Over 25 million people live in the Shanghai area. Driven to despair by hunger and a lack of goods in the shops, they commit suicide en masse.

I will not show shocking films showing people being made to jump off skyscrapers. There have been cases where the front doors of those who tested positive and had no symptoms were simply welded shut. You can find such drastic movies yourself, there are hundreds of them.

The real reason for this brutal crackdown is to further exacerbate bottlenecks in the supply chain. The next stage in the globalists’ war with the world is to create an economic recession in the western world. If we add OPEC’s declaration on Monday that oil-producing countries are unable to completely replace oil from Russia to the situation caused by Western sanctions against Russia and their impact on the Western economy, it is not Wonder that we are seeing oil prices soar in global markets.

The economic recession is the result of the West’s failed monetary policy for several dozen years. It was avoided during the 2008 crisis, when many countries’ governments bailed out taxpayers’ money and major banks collapsed. Too Big to Fail. That was the explanation for the support of big banks, which according to the rules of the free market would have to declare collapse.

The economic catastrophe that awaits us is inevitable. Globalists are just trying to affect the moment the world knows we have it.

The moment when the armed conflict in Ukraine began, the lockdown in Shanghai, which caused a further rise in oil prices, are small, cautious steps in this direction. Once the economic downturn becomes a reality, no one can stop it. We will all feel it, and globalists hope that in a difficult situation, most people will agree to the introduction of a new, digital world currency and thereby gain full control over the inhabitants of this planet.

Most apes doubt that humans are descended from them.

The author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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