193. Who is really sick?
193. Who is really sick?

193. Who is really sick?

Vienna 3/26/2022

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Reports about Putin’s serious illness have recently appeared in the press. “Recognized media pundits” state emphatically that the end of the Russian ruler is near. Perhaps someone will rely on the opinion of such experts. In the previous pandemic war, we dealt with them too much. They never apologized for unfulfilled prophecies, but they boldly invented new ones that were even more dangerous.

Also information that Putin will be surprised – despite the Western press being so bad – and that others will take power in Moscow in July. Isn’t such logic the continuation of a plandemic ideology? There is no point in censoring dissenting views and insulting those who disagree with the media narrative. The methods of propaganda have not changed. Any new ideas? Or were the old ones effective enough?

You can watch the Russian President’s latest speech on YouTube: Putin calls Europa howling Tabaquis – a jackal known for his wickedness from the Kipling book of the jungle. The movie is in German. If, despite your general attitude, you want to hear what he has to say and you don’t know German, you can turn on the English subtitles. You might find statements like “Biden invaded the US”?

It would be difficult to find signs of progressive disease. And even more difficult to ascertain was the lack of logical thinking on the part of the leader of this world power.

Dear Russia and dear USA. If you both want to fight, do it here:

They can use planes, ships and submarines for themselves and, by the way, do not smash half of Europe

If you read my articles, you might come to the conclusion that I support Putin’s policies. Wrong conclusion – I will never support anyone who wants to achieve their goals through war. Even if it is justified by a higher need. In every war I am for people who are victims – regardless of their mother tongue.

Besides, only a correct ideology arouses my resistance. When I read that someone who tries to understand Putin’s motives and speaks up publicly is labeled a Russian spy, I conclude that we have completely lost our ability to use logic. We definitely have spies, including Russian ones. However, when such a spy officially proclaims his pro-Russian views, he is not a spy – he is an idiot.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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