190. War journalism
190. War journalism

190. War journalism

Vienna 3/8/2022

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The work of a journalist is not easy – see for yourself:

Photo above – Escape from Kyiv.
The photo below – a scene from the film Deep Impact.
The famous Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon presents a photo of an injured child.
A surprisingly similar photo of an injured child after the attack in Syria on January 6, 2018.

And who is to blame? At least not journalists – they only satisfy our need to see such spectacular pictures on television. And if there is nothing new at hand, it is clear that you can look in the archives or prepare the material yourself. After all, this is their daily bread.

The next photo was taken a few days ago and posted by Donbas-based German-speaking journalist Alina Lipp:

A huge rocket is stuck in the floor in the middle of the room. She has dug herself into the concrete, there is a hole in the ceiling above her. We are instructed not to touch the projectile under any circumstances as it has not yet exploded. The owner will probably lose his house – the rocket cannot be disarmed or salvaged as it could explode at the slightest touch. The only way is a controlled demolition of the house…

Interesting reports from the eight-year war – yes, since 2014 people in Donbass have been going through the bombing hell every day – you can read in German here.

The photo of the notebook found in Donetsk also looks authentic:

With NATO claiming no anti-Russian cooperation with Kyiv, the question arises how a NATO notebook containing classified NATO intelligence ended up with the nationalist Right Sector, which is not even part of the Ukrainian army. Unfortunately, there is no reaction from NATO. NATO and the Western media are hiding this instead of, for example, denying the notebook’s authenticity. Source.

I am aware that the other side is also engaged in war propaganda. It has come to the point that journalists who write against Russian propaganda face long prison sentences. As a result, many press and television agencies withdrew their journalists from Russia.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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