54. Where is Tiffany Dover?
54. Where is Tiffany Dover?

54. Where is Tiffany Dover?

Vienna 1/14/2021

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In chapter 52, I mentioned a nurse in Tennessee, USA, who had been vaccinated and appeared in front of television cameras. A few minutes later she passed out. At the end of the chapter “It starts, the vaccines are there”, I presented a video about it.

Hours later she was interviewed and stated that she regularly lost consciousness from pain …

And that was the last hint that she was among the living.
Her account on Facebook was deleted, she did not answer despite thousands of inquiries about her health on Instagram.
Before vaccination, she added a new photo on average every two days.
The hospital where she worked posted a short 20-second video with the nurses from that hospital, one of whom was supposed to be Tiffany Dover. She looks similar but is not the same woman.

You can watch three videos in German dealing with her fate after she passed out:
How to turn on English subtitles on YouTube?

Tiffany Dover part 1.
Tiffany Dover part 2.
Tiffany Dover part 3.

This is not the only fatal case. Almost every day the press reports that someone has died after being vaccinated. Journalists immediately know that the vaccine was not the cause of death.

Dacember 9th article Six people die during Pfizer/BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine trials.
January 5th article about a Portuguese nurse who died two days after being vaccinated..
January 9th article about a doctor in Miami, Florida.


Author: Marek Wojcik

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