167. Strike
167. Strike

167. Strike

Vienna 1/18/2022

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On Saturday, January 15th, an article appeared online on Canada’s Hal Turner Radio Show: Canadian Truckers to Go Full STRIKE January 23 – Store Shelves Will be Empty Until Vax Mandates are gone.

If the delivery truck drivers go on strike, public life will be paralyzed and dangerous situations will arise, comparable to the effects of a prolonged power blackout – a blackout, which I also wrote about in my second article in September last year. Stores have stocks in their warehouses for an average of three days, but due to the ensuing panic, goods disappear from the shelves on the first day. The supply of state water treatment agents usually lasts for a week – after that the tap runs out of water. Fuel will disappear from gas stations. Hospital care will also collapse. A civil war-like situation arises.

I am sure that the media will announce the culprits: of course these “dissolidarity drivers” of the trucks. The divisions in society facilitate the introduction of the totalitarian regime. In fact, overall responsibility for the situation rests with the puppet government and President Justin Trudeau – a member of the Davos Young Global Leaders Club.

Brave Trudeau is likely to quietly back out, as he did with the medical workers, and let these “sinful” drivers do their job without harassing them.

Letters of two words: DELTA OMICRON can be rearranged and carry MEDIA CONTROL.

A strike is also planned in Austria for tomorrow – Wednesday, January 19th. The reason for this are plans to make participation in a medical experiment mandatory. In addition, demonstrations will take place in all nine federal states at 1:00 p.m. in front of the state government buildings.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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