165. Police open letter
165. Police open letter

165. Police open letter

Vienna 1/16/2022

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Two large demonstrations took place in Vienna yesterday, culminating in a joint march through the city center. According to my estimates, a total of almost 200,000 people took to the streets. We are active on the road every week. What drives the government to despair – we will not be provoked by anyone to use violence. A week ago, the police stopped the march at the spot where the crew of Austrian mainstream television ORF happened to be on the building’s balcony. Even provocateurs happened to find themselves in the crowd. Demonstrators supported the police, the destroyers were arrested.

Yesterday’s demonstrations were peaceful. Before the march, a representative of the police appeared on the stage. You can see it in the video (in German) I made. He spoke about the open letter from a group of fundamental rights and freedoms police officers to the Home Secretary.

An open letter from Austrian police officers to Interior Minister Karner was published in a German article on the tkp.at platform on January 11.

I have prepared an English translation of this letter for you.

The police milieu is as fragmented as society as a whole. When I was arrested in Warsaw over a year ago, interest in our movement among the police was clearly visible. I had the opportunity to speak to a couple of police officers – total strangers to me, who asked a lot of questions when alone – not the official ones, and willingly picked up a leaflet with a link to my website when there were no witnesses. It’s similar here in Austria. The presence of police officers at every demonstration shows that the demonstrators are mostly peaceful – also towards the police. They inevitably have to hear or read slogans against which they cannot find any reasonable argument.

Of course, as in any environment, there are also corona fanatics. There are also advocates of even greater pressure on the police force. Violence is threatening to escalate – and that would be the beginning of the end of the most effective protest movement against the seizure of power by a small group of very wealthy people.

Why am I saying that peaceful protests are the most effective form of struggle in the world today? Precisely because the other side dreams of using the army or the police against “rebels”, but will not dare to do so. Precisely because they cannot be sure how this military and law enforcement agencies will act. Time is on our side. Every day there is a growing group of people who realize that the news on TV is simply a blatant lie. The disparity between propaganda in the media and what we see in life is growing every day.

More and more people who have undergone this experiment for various reasons are coming to the conclusion that it is a mockery to vaccinate against an unnoticed disease every three months for life. Even those who just wanted to maintain their peace of mind are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain that peace.

We have just announced on the Austrian ORF that the Austrian government has submitted a proposal to change the law, according to which Austria will be forced to carry out experimental vaccinations from February 1st. In my opinion, the Austrian government is putting the final nail in its coffin.

A police woman tells a man to stop sunbathing in Auckland’s Myers Park during lockdown.
A police woman tells a man to stop sunbathing in Auckland’s Myers Park (New Zealand) during lockdown.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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