162. Israel – fifth wave
162. Israel – fifth wave

162. Israel – fifth wave

Vienna 1/9/2022

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I don’t know, the fifth or seventh wave – the numbering doesn’t matter here. Information on this article comes from the Austrian platform tkp.at. An article was published there today: Israel is currently experiencing the strongest wave despite or because of vaccination campaigns.

Israel has always tried to position itself as a model student, whether with lockdowns, masks, closings and now with vaccinations. And every decline in a “wave” is followed by the next higher wave. The usual answer is to do more of what hasn’t worked before.

The third dose of this preparation, called a booster, was introduced in August last year and it has currently been administered to 46.45% of the total population of Israel.

So currently the fourth dose. Repeated administration of a pathogen leads to desensitization against it, which is done specifically in the case of allergies, for example. Continuous administration of the same gene therapy leads to desensitization, the immune system is trained to ignore coronaviruses for as long as possible – see below for the result.

Not only Israel is following the Great Reset Plan. Most of the world’s governments are giving in to pressures from the elite of the digital financial complex. Hence we have the impression that the idiots rule us. You have no choice but to be puppets of these financially strong, self-proclaimed owners of our planet.

Just arrived from Mia Popova:

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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