159. No!
159. No!

159. No!

Vienna 12/23/2021

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My protest is against lies based on intrusive propaganda. I am firmly against any pressure to force medical experimentation. I am against dividing ourselves into righteous people and “criminals” who are supposed to be a threat to public health. Both of these groups are ordinary people like you and me. Everyone has the right to act according to their own beliefs. I will say more: I despise those who persuade others to use gene therapy while they are taking the placebo themselves.

If someone, most of the people in Europe, has accepted this test substance and injected themselves, that’s just their problem. No one, no matter what group they belong to, has the right to judge those on the other side of the barricade. Such evaluations are always subjective – they only take into account the arguments of the evaluator and certainly not the evaluated ones. In addition, such an assessment primarily serves to underpin one’s own arguments, to dispel uncertainty – am I sure I did the right thing? So let’s give up these unnecessary separations!

You can probably imagine that I did not succumb to this manipulation and did not visit the mobile medical enrichment center. I didn’t and I will refuse until the end. So far, I haven’t done a single test for this most fashionable disease. Austria, where I live, is the second country in the world (after Cyprus) where most of the tests are done to find what doesn’t really exist – an imaginary plague.

You might ask, what would I do if I had symptoms of lung disease? The answer is simple, since from a medical point of view nothing has changed in years, I’ll do the same thing as before: I’ll take flu medication, something not so healthy – I’ll get sick in bed and after a few days everything will return to normal And unless? Well, supposedly life is a disease that always ends in death. None of us are eternal. The fear of death is more cruel than death itself. The dying process is usually short. On the other hand, the fear of death can haunt us throughout our lives. It will destroy all the joy we can feel when we live as a free person. It’s just our choice.

I use a high dose of vitamin D3 every day – I don’t even have a runny nose. It is also everyone’s choice. I am not promoting medical advice here – I am not authorized to do so. I just write how I get along in this difficult time.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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