155. Death list
155. Death list

155. Death list

Vienna 12/18/2021

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I made it back onto the list of over 200 athletes who “died suddenly and unexpectedly” this year. Again they were all forced to take this poison. After all, athletes work for years to take part in competitions and to be able to win. This makes it easy to get them to take part in a medical experiment. Certainly some did it out of conviction, but were they honestly informed about the purpose?

For each case a link to the information was provided in the language of the respective country of death. Please take the effort to look at at least some of these links. At least in this way let’s pay our respects to the victims of this war.

In all cases the circumstances of the tragedy of each of these people were given. Never in history have there been so many deaths among the healthiest of all people – regularly monitored athletes. Don’t let the media demagoguery fool you about other causes of death – it is clearly genocide. Not only did athletes die, but they had no reason to fall in numbers and not get up.

This is how World War III is waged. Their purpose, like the first two, is to rule the world or to divide zones of influence.

Who Really Believes in the Danger of a Pandemic? Maybe just the intimidated, who fear the consequences and refuse to know that they are being betrayed. Do delta-omicron fairy tales scare anyone? Since the virus brings out many new mutations every day, what is the point of just dreading the mutations that have been spread in the media?

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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