40. How can you change the world?
40. How can you change the world?

40. How can you change the world?

Vienna 10/4/2020

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What kind of world do we want to change?
A valid question.

At this point in time we have 7,816,211,000 people on earth and the same number of worlds.

Each of us creates our own world. Also newborns or people with health disabilities.

What you call the world is a product of your experiences, ideas, emotions, and even sometimes, albeit extremely rarely, facts.

Such an attitude will upset many people. After all, the world physically exists and there is only one!
It’s true, but this world is different for each of us.
People who consider themselves victims of chance see the world their own way. People who can take responsibility for what happens around them see the same world completely differently.
Taking responsibility is not the same as taking the blame. It just means that such people look for ways in themselves and in their behavior that they can influence what happens.

And here we come to our question: How can you change the world?
In such a context, there can only be one answer: you should change your own perception of the world.

You ask what if I see this world differently? After all, “mean” politicians will stay mean, and Bill Gates won’t stop planning how to make money from vaccines?
Right, but …
Well what’s going to change? Maybe we will agree on a common politician on one point, maybe we will actively join the protests against the senseless and very harmful decisions of politicians?
If we can convince more people that the COVID-19 vaccine is not the right solution, Bill Gates will eventually stock 7 billion vaccines. Except for the ones he’s already sold.
Guess at what price does he have to get rid of this “miracle cure”, which has been tested quickly, how his Windows has been tested and whose complicity is an imaginary threat?

That is why it is so important that we inform ourselves and convince others.
I agree, it’s not that easy – but we want to change the world.
If it were easy, the world would change every day. I mean this one, objective world.

I have discussions by commenting on some YouTube videos. One user just wrote:

Have been trying for years, but most people (95%+) are not bothered and choose to get their ‘news’ and ‘truth’ from the propagandists. Maybe I just have an ‘aura’ people don’t resonate with …

Maybe it’s aura matter, I don’t know.
Yesterday I learned at a demonstration in Vienna that 91% of the population in Austria do not want to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.
Austria already has 8 million vaccines from the famous vaccinologist.
I also have information that on July 25th, 55% of people in Germany were against this vaccination.
Source in German.

As this article shows, “conspiracy theorists” have a major influence on this attitude in society.
“Conspiracy theorists” is a poorly chosen word, we are the ones pointing out the influence of conspiracy practitioners on our lives.

Author: Marek Wojcik

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