148. Austria
148. Austria

148. Austria

Vienna 12/03/2021

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I’ve lived in this country for almost 40 years. I left Poland, where there was no free speech at the time, where a foreign power imposed a binding and “only correct” narration. Even then, the term “no alternative” was used to describe the situation in the country. At that time I also actively fought against totalitarianism. For those interested, I recommend reading my story from this time.

I try to avoid political issues on this blog. I don’t want to divide us any more. Politics has a huge impact on everyone’s life. One of them always tried to create not necessarily authentic divisions according to the principle of divide et impera (divide and rule) – even in the times of the Roman Empire, and it is still going on. However, it is difficult not to mention the current political situation in Austria in this blog.

Former Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz yesterday at the age of 35 “out of concern for his newborn son” decided to get out of politics and devote himself to his family. I don’t think he will be successful in this newborn care. Several cases of corruption and false testimony at a parliamentary hearing are pending against him.

His successor Alexander Schallenberg, who resigned after two months as puppet chancellor, gave the same reason for his resignation. Finance minister Gernot Blümel, whose house was searched a few months ago on suspicion of corruption, also resigned yesterday.

A large demonstration took place on Saturday, November 20, after the outgoing Chancellor announced the day before that he would introduce this life-threatening and health-threatening compulsion to conduct mass experiments. December will be very uncomfortable for those who do not agree to “voluntary” gene therapy, announced the Chancellor herself.

An earthquake doesn’t come by itself. A year ago, the slogan was raised at the demonstrations: Kurz must go! The ruling party ÖVP – the strongest in Austria for years – suffered an unprecedented drop in votes in the ranking. The catastrophic policy of fighting pandemics, with the help of which politicians and citizens intensely intimidated, many corruption scandals, for example with a state-affiliated Hygiene Austria that bought masks in China and carried out the fraudulent labeling with the label Made in Austria with the help of undeclared workers. Details in German can be found here. The case is still in development – therefore the presumption of innocence applies to the accused.

Who should take over the duties of the Federal Chancellor of Austria? Yesterday it was announced on television that the new Federal Chancellor would be Interior Minister Karl Nehammer. The same one who made a public mockery in front of the cameras with a statement about a fake attack on the Austrian parliament. The same person who, despite the information available to him, permitted a terrorist attack in downtown Vienna a year ago in which people were killed. The same one who successfully defended himself against the use of water cannons against peaceful demonstrators by the Austrian police in the winter. The ruling party ÖVP has just announced its appointment as Austrian Chancellor.

The next big demonstration in Vienna is planned for tomorrow. As always, you can find my film reports by clicking on “Movies” in the menu on this blog.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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