147. It is not easy to be a philanthropist
147. It is not easy to be a philanthropist

147. It is not easy to be a philanthropist

Vienna 11/30/2021

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Why does nobody want to understand that I want it so good for humanity?

That’s what the world’s greatest philanthropist, Bill Gates, has to think. He just wants to be good. After all, reducing the population with vaccines is the best way to relieve environmental pressures on our planet. Is it that hard to understand that humans are parasites that need to be eradicated like bed bugs?

His opponents ask why extinction doesn’t begin with creatures like Bill Gates? The answer is only: a Bill Gates has enough resources to do this. He is also protected by an army of bodyguards who ensure that nothing unpleasant happens to him day and night. They weren’t always effective as seen in this video.

But let’s not be petty, the cake hasn’t harmed anyone. However, vaccines that this philanthropist sponsored in India and several African countries have hurt. But he just wants to help selflessly. How else can the effectiveness of vaccine preparations be checked? Had he done that in the United States, a major scandal would have broken out and it spread through the bones. Multiple sacrifices on behalf of science? So what? After all, it is collateral damage. Another name for crime and crime is gone.

Bill gates counting to 10. | Best funny pictures, Bill gates, Comedy

Eugenics – she was worshiped more than a god in his parents’ house. Why are we surprised that it is he who supports depopulation? That sounds better than the bad guys who call it genocide. So what if it’s the same? If we name the goal nicer, it will be easier to swallow for those who want to make at least a few dollars out of their fortune.

However, it is not worth envying him – this man lives in constant fear. To those who misunderstand his philanthropy.

See how this man is scared – his body language underlines this clearly in this video.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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