144. What can each of us do?
144. What can each of us do?

144. What can each of us do?

Vienna 11/27/2021

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Vaccination is murder – that was the inscription on his bus of the courageous driver from Linz (the capital of Upper Austria), Manfred Scheiblmair, who showed moral courage last Friday and set an example against the obsession with vaccinations. An example that caused a stir internationally.

An interview with this brave man appeared yesterday on the independent Austrian television AUF1.

When asked what drove him when he decided to take this step during a break in the course, he simply replied: That was my personal demonstration. After this demonstration, he was dismissed without notice as a bus driver. Nevertheless, he does not regret this step and would not hesitate to repeat it in the future.

And what could you do to show your opposition to apartheid, the vaccination dictatorship and censorship? Can it help spread hidden facts by mailing printed information about the real situation in intensive care units to neighbors? There is no risk of losing your job and it is possible that your neighbor will read the truth for the first time. You don’t have to act so spectacularly.

Where can I find such prepared leaflets? Well, do you always want someone to serve your breakfast in bed? Sure you can, but if you don’t come to work alone, no one will do it for you. Compose the text yourself – as you can. Only then, even if things don’t go well the first time, will you learn to take your fate and that of your country into your own hands. You can also search for relevant texts on the Internet at any time and print them out. Don’t have a printer? What a shame! You have a great excuse! How about the neighbor who has it?

The most important thing is that you preach and act according to your beliefs. This is a simple answer to what I can do about lawlessness. You can actively contradict them.

I have been running this blog for 20 months and sign it with my real name. This, too, is an example of acting according to one’s own convictions. I could be wrong – nobody is licensed to write the truth, especially the media. If someone shows me I’m wrong, I’ll apologize and correct it. It is not what preaching the truth is about promoting all that serves us and our position.

It is true that I write one-sided. However, this is in response to the growing censorship, and I mention topics that are hypocritical or stupid on TV. I also believe that I am writing about the most important problems facing the world today. Inconceivable global warming as a pretext for a new taxation of the inhabitants of our planet. Not a pandemic that is a pretext for a group of self-proclaimed, very wealthy globalists who cannot imagine the gray life of the world to take over.

But our life is not gray at all. We can easily look at our reflection in the mirror while shaving or with makeup. They are the ones who have a problem with that. At least those of them who have not been completely freed from lust for power and the desire to raise billions of dollars by their human impulses.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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