141. Who doesn’t fight
141. Who doesn’t fight

141. Who doesn’t fight

Vienna 11/24/2021

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If you stay at home when the fight starts and let others fight for your cause, you have to be careful: because if you haven’t shared the fight, you will share the defeat. Not even to avoid the fight, whoever wants to avoid the fight: because he fights for the cause of the enemy who has not fought for his own cause.

Bertolt Brecht, Kolomann Wallisch Cantata

II started this post with a quote from Bertolt Brecht, because that’s what I want to write about today.

Some also attribute this quote to Brecht, although it is probably not his:

Nowadays I have to make a reservation that I mean fighting in the sense of peaceful protests. Because if you speak to someone who supports a criminal theory and do not distance yourself from it, you will be attacked as an advocate of that theory. Likewise, if I stood next to an Antifa supporter, I could be accused of fascism, because this organization, despite its name, supports modern fascist rule.

In the previous post about the demonstration in Vienna on Saturday I did not choose the cover picture (these photos are not in the e-book), which shows the masses, although there were many. I chose the end of the march where you will see a man walking on crutches. He still had about 10 km to march through the main streets of Vienna. Although walking is very difficult for him, he did. This is the fight today. Even if you have a lot to lose, go and show the world that you are not for outlaw society.

Austria was the first in Europe to announce the introduction of forced medical experiments. This is the next step in the escalation of the current war. It will certainly not be limited to one country or Europe.

In response to this comment:

… everything goes exactly in the planned direction! Protests are part of that scenario, and soon, if not already, they will inspire the protests. We are entering the phase of chaos, shortages of supplies, electricity, coal, gas, food, medicines, etc., all of which will be the source of a rebellion that will tame and stabilize one in the name of the “greater good” got to.

I wrote on Facebook today:

“This global coup has been in preparation for over 20 years. Carefully planned by the best specialists in psychological warfare, tactics, even philosophers. So it seems that they have to be successful. It doesn’t have to be like that, however. You have no other choice, you put everything on one card.

Such planning fits into the technocratic worldview. We have a test for the disease whether you are sick or not. However, this is a very one-sided view of the world. History has shown more than once that a man plans what he will do tomorrow and fails because he failed to foresee that Annushka has already spilled oil (Bulgakov “Master and Margaret”)”.

You too can influence the fate of the world – come to the demonstration and show that you disagree, instead of sitting in the comfort of your home.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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