129. I’m sick…
129. I’m sick…

129. I’m sick…

Vienna 10/31/2021

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Over a year ago I met the math and physics teacher Björn Köhler at a demonstration in Berlin in August 2020. He is the author of the book IQ is Nothing, Ignorance is everything. Original German title: IQ ist nichts, Unbildung alles. A very good book. Björn has his own YouTube channel and a few days ago he posted a video I’m sick of it … And that’s how he inspired me to make this post.

Not only Björn, but also Prof. Dr. Knut Löschke, whose statement touched me both in the head and in the heart.

I’m sick…

I’m fed up with it, or, to put it even more clearly: I’m fed up with the permanent and increasingly religious climate gossip, fantasies about the energy transition, worshiping electric cars, scary stories about doomsday scenarios, from Corona to conflagrations to weather disasters. I can’t stand the people who shout this into microphones and cameras or print it in newspapers every day. I suffer from having to see how science is turned into a whore of politics.

I’m fed up with being told by abused, pubescent children what to be ashamed of. I’m fed up with being told by some disturbed people that I am to blame for everything and everyone – but especially as a German for the past, present and future misery of the whole world.

I’m tired of religious and sexual minorities who shamelessly exploit their well-documented minority rights with constant media support, wanting to dictate what I can do and say and what not.

I’m fed up with completely crazy people screwing up my German mother tongue and believing I have to teach me how to write and speak in a mainstream-fair manner.

I’m tired of seeing how completely uneducated people who have achieved nothing more in their lives than carrying someone else’s briefcase believe they can rule Germany.

I can no longer bear it when, under the pretext of a “colorful society”, law and security disappear and when you come out of the main station in the evening, you have to step over dirt, dirt, homeless people, drug addicts and procurement criminals, past scrawled walls.

I want people in my country, regardless of gender, skin color and origin, to be valued and supported who, with their hard-working, productive and value-adding work, bring out the wealth of society as a whole: the employees in the companies, the craftsmen , the freelancers, the many committed and socially active entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized businesses.

I want our children’s teachers, doctors and nurses for our sick and needy people to receive the recognition, appreciation and support they deserve every day. I want the young and impetuous to let off steam in the well-set limits of our legal area, but also to bow to their parents and grandparents, to the old and experienced, because they are the creators of their prosperity and their freedom.

Prof. Dr. Knut Löschke

The voice of reason in the desert of thoughtless, media-driven madness. I have nothing to add – I agree with the professor.

I think it is worth adding the editor’s note to this newspaper:

The statements and opinions presented in the forum are not necessarily identical to those of the editorial team. The author is responsible for the content. The editors reserve the right to make cuts.

Why do newsrooms feel obliged to protect themselves in this way today? Probably only a mindless person could blame the editors for 100% support of everything their interviewees write and say. There are no two people who agree with everything without exception.

I also discussed with the Nazis in various forums. My attitude comes from what I say, not from the fact that I argue with people who disagree with me.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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