121. News from Texas and Florida
121. News from Texas and Florida

121. News from Texas and Florida

Wroclaw / Poland 10/15/2021

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The population of the second most populous US state, Texas, was over 29 million in 2020.

The information in this article comes from a German-language article in RT-DE Corona: Ban on mandatory vaccination in Texas.

The Texan Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order on Monday with which he takes action against the corona vaccination requirement. The ordinance prohibits any Texas facility from requiring vaccinations for employees or customers. This puts the state in direct conflict with the requirements of the US federal government.

The regulation also applies to private companies. Governor Abbott says that while he is in favor of vaccination, you should never be coerced against your will.

The ordinance signed on Monday states that “no facility in Texas may force the corona vaccination on a person if they – for whatever reason – resist such a vaccination”. Whether it is religious beliefs, medical concerns or other reasons of “personal conscience”. Failure to comply could result in a fine of up to $ 1,000.

In a separate letter to the Texas Legislature, Abbott urged lawmakers to draft a bill similar to its own executive order that “stipulates that no facility in Texas can enforce a COVID-19 vaccine,” in the hope that the Legally codify the measure and not just rely on the implementing regulation.

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Abbott also signed law in June threatening to revoke licenses and operating permits from companies that require their customers to be vaccinated. This effectively prevented what the governor referred to as a “vaccination certificate”. He argued that “Texas is 100 percent open. We want to make sure you have the freedom to go where you want without restrictions”.

Abbott’s moves against vaccination requirements mirror similar aspirations from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is one of the most vocal opponents of such regulations in the country. Last month, DeSantis threatened any government agency that required vaccination as a prerequisite for employment with fines of up to $ 5,000. He stressed that in Florida vaccines will be “available to everyone but not mandatory”.

Not only has DeSantis banned the introduction of vaccination records for government and private institutions, but it has also created a heated legal battle against mask requirements in a number of institutions, including public schools.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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