115. Delta Story
115. Delta Story

115. Delta Story

Vienna 9/29/2021

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In May I wrote about Mutations from India, where the Indian Ministry of Health got the fake news spread around the world about the new, extremely dangerous one

The results of a study on this variant were published in the USA a week ago. The results can be found in an article. JPMorgan Makes An Unexpected Discovery: Delta Variant Only “Half As Infectious As Assumed”.

… A new JPMorgan analysis found that, unlike developed countries, many of which have imposed draconian blockades, particularly Australia, developing countries experienced a delta wave that was “much milder” than expected.

JPMorgan policy analyst David Mackie said: “The delta wave was much softer than expected: none of the countries studied (Philippines, Peru, Colombia, South Africa, Ecuador, Thailand and Mexico) recorded the infections we expected”.

While on average, Re was expected to rise by 0.58 from the end of June to the time when the Delta variant was fully prevalent (from 1.07 to 1.65), the average rise was only by 0.24 (from 1.07 to 1.31); in other words, around half of the expected gain in Re did not occur.

What does this mean? Simple: as Mackie explains, “it is very possible that the Delta variant is around half as infectious as initially assumed.” While this – JPM exclaims optimistically – would be very positive going forward, and would limit any increase in infections in the coming months, it would be devastating for such institutions as the NIH, not to mention Biden’s chief Covid advisor, Fauci, whose entire argument since the start is that the delta variant was far more infectious than any of the previous covid variants; it would also once again make a mockery of “the science” which had fully supported the theory that Delta had a far greater infectiousness.

Of course by even getting this far, the JPMorgan analyst may have broken most of the most cardinal of taboos of delta variant discussion in “polite society”, so we are not surprised that he did not even dare breathe the word “ivermectin” and its use in Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Ecuador, Thailand and Mexico.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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