113. Blackout
113. Blackout

113. Blackout

Vienna 9/25/2021

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The film in German Fiery Autumn? The situation will almost certainly escalate on AUF1 (Austrian independent television), which inspired me to write this article.

Are we threatened with a major power outage? If you look at this question in a purely technical way, it is unlikely that something like this will happen on a large scale, for example across Europe. That is of course not impossible, but our energy system can take a lot.

However, there is another point of view on the matter. What happens, what if the plandemic lie falls – because sooner or later it has to – like a house of cards? Will the Minister of Health say I am sorry I was wrong? I’m sorry thousands of people died because of me? And we will forgive him because Christians do this? Somehow I find it difficult to imagine such a development of events. He’s unlikely to be hanged unless there is a lynching, but I hope common sense prevails. Not because I want to defend a man who I think is a criminal. However, an independent court should decide whether this is the case. If we want to live in a law abiding country, we also accept the laws of that country.

I know many will say: after all, the Minister of Health did not bother with the law in force when he introduced deadly restrictions. True, but lawlessness cannot be overcome by lawlessness. In addition, most politicians, including members of most political parties, are mere puppets under the influence of eminences gray. Through corruption, blackmail, or brainwashing. Some people just jumped on a Covid for their own ends.

Such times show, as seldom ever, the characters of many people. The real ones. The problem of punishing only the guilty puppets is important, but it doesn’t seem to be the most important thing today. Why am I writing about this in an article called Blackout? Because I am convinced that such mediocre people will do everything they can to avoid being held accountable for the crimes committed. MPs are protected by immunity, but the government, including the Chancellor, has full responsibility for its actions.

In mid-September, the German city of Dresden saw an example of such a minor disaster. There was a failure of the city’s power system and a much larger failure of the emergency power system. I suspect it was indeed a technical failure, but what if someone decides to tear down most of the electrical systems in order to remove liability for the victims of the plandemic?

According to corona prophet Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum, we are ten times more susceptible than the corona virus. A hacker attack that involved, among other things, large energy companies, especially energy control systems, generation and distribution. So far, Mr. Schwab has “predicted” the development of the plandemic perfectly. No wonder, in my opinion he is one of the creative creators of this crisis. So I take this warning seriously and believe that we will face a global energy crisis in the form of a power outage of unprecedented proportions for two weeks, for example.

And what happens if there is no electricity in the world for 14 days? What happens in such situations will happen in the first few hours. Elevators will stop, garage doors won’t open, there will be no lights and no television. Even if someone has a receiver that is supplied by a network-independent source, he will not receive anything anyway, since stations that broadcast programs (including on satellites) cannot broadcast without power. Food that has gone bad in fridges and freezers. Trains, trams and buses stop. Car traffic at night would only be illuminated by the lights of the cars. Cars that cannot refuel – petrol pumps also need electricity.

Power outage in winter? It is not a problem!

Nobody will take money from the ATM because there is no electricity. The water on the upper floors will disappear because it was pumped by electric motors. Shops only accept cash, if at all, so no electricity. The internet no longer works, the cell phone does not work. In such situations, the emergency power supply is very short. In hospitals, only devices that support the patient’s life until the end of the ongoing operation are supplied with emergency power.

I have only briefly described the consequences of such a failure. The people lacked water and food. This will lead to social protests. Criminals would use this situation to rob businesses or homes. And they would look for water and food instead of jewelry … And violence becomes the order of the day. The law of the fist will be the law in force.

A year and a half ago I didn’t buy a single roll of toilet paper, not because I ran out of it – because I didn’t look for it at all. I had a couple and it turned out that it was enough. I am not so calm anymore. You have to be well prepared for such a crisis in order to have a chance of surviving it. It is not enough to collect a lot of water in plastic bottles. To do this, you need a water purifier. Preferably based on chlorine dioxide.

The author of the “Blackout” – bestseller Marc Elsberg, wrote that after two weeks of blackout (lack of electricity) our civilization will move to the level of the Middle Ages and after a month into the Stone Age. This could be the only chance for historians to experience their field of research so directly.

I am sorry to have to show you such negative visions. I am by nature an optimist and I hope it doesn’t come to that. But logic tells me that globalists won’t give up easily. You will have no choice but to save your skin. On the positive side, this will be her last, desperate attempt.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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