111. The return of Dr. Mengele
111. The return of Dr. Mengele

111. The return of Dr. Mengele

Vienna 9/22/2021

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In Poland there is a competition for YouTube, independent of large corporations and global propaganda. Soon, at the end of this year, the first version of this great company will appear in our internet life. Now you can see what it will look like.

There are few cruel things today that can shock us. This time, however, the news about illegal experiments on children over 3 months old must have an impact on our conscience – at least for those who have a conscience. Yesterday an interview in Polish with the doctor Dr. Katarzyna Ratkowska and the lawyer Katarzyna Tarnava-Gwóźdź.

Clinical trials in children up to 11 years of age are being conducted in four countries around the world with the aim of commercializing Pfizer’s experimental drug against the most fashionable viral infection in a year and a half for children of that age. The four countries are Finland, Spain, Poland and the USA. 4.5 thousand children will take part in this study. So it seems that in Poland over a thousand children are being donated for experiments that are incompatible with Polish and international law. The Nuremberg Code, which was created after the Second World War to prevent human experiences without your consent or the consent of your legal guardian, also does not allow such activities.

Painting by Władysław Siwek, gate with the inscription “Work makes you free”.

Since it was possible to rally over a thousand children to take part in this crime so quickly, it is suspected that they are children from orphanages whose legal guardians are officials in these homes.

Eighty years ago it was easier not to know what was going on behind the barbed wire of the concentration camps. Today?

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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