109. Poznan / Poland – September 2021
109. Poznan / Poland – September 2021

109. Poznan / Poland – September 2021

Vienna 9/19/2021

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I combined my last trip to Poland with two events that took place in Poznan. I took part in the freedom march on Saturday, September 11th. I was back in Poznan on Sunday, September 12th to meet Artur Kalbarczyk, a journalist living in Canada. Artur Kalbarczyk publishes videos on YouTube and Facebook in which he presents facts and precise analyzes of the geopolitical situation from the point of view of North America as objectively as possible.

Despite the rain in Poznan, several thousand people came to the freedom march. My first participation in the Freedom March in Warsaw in October 2020 ended with a 25-hour detention by the police. This time it was possible to dispense with such illegal actions by the law enforcement authorities. For organizational reasons I was only present at the beginning of the march. If you are interested in what happened, you can watch the video of this march..

I recorded the entire meeting in Polish in two films:

Part 1.

Part 2.

Mr. Artur told about his adventure flight from Canada to Poland. His view of Polish affairs is very interesting. I am also not fully involved in parliamentary disputes. I also see the subject of chemical planning in a global context. Whether the Polish Minister of Health ordered this or that, or whether MP Braun said to his face that he was going to hang, is perhaps interesting, but practically irrelevant when you consider that this is a problem that affects the whole world. And believe me, there are countries where the nightmare of full social control has already been introduced. And I don’t mean China or North Korea. Look at Australia or Canada, where Mr. Arthur is from. There is a situation that is much more critical.

Poles who work in Germany, for example, see the difference when they go to a store in Germany and Poland. Wearing masks is compulsory, but practically voluntary in most Polish shops. You go to the hairdresser or the swimming pool without having to show the result of a manure test that does not test anything.

We Poles are a nation that has immunity to aggressors in our blood. You are probably wondering where these new aggressors are in Poland? They are not in Poland because they don’t have to be. It is enough that our politicians depend on them through corruption, blackmail or simply a globalist ideology. It seems that politicians are waiting for some distant recommendations – they said something a week ago that they deny today.

Mr. Kalbarczyk believes that the WEF (Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum) in Davos will become less important if the US moves away from globalism, for example by winning the Republican Party renewed by Donald Trump in the upcoming 2022 elections. Now the globalists are trying to end US domination by weakening the importance of this country, for example by introducing the ineffective Biden as president. And they are on their way there. Even if Trump is elected in the next presidential election in 2024, he will not care about the fate of the world, only the US. We in Europe are not given freedom as a gift from another struggling nation. We always had to fight for our own freedom.

As Mr. Artur said in Poznan: We are in the middle of a war and there are deaths on both sides.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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