103. Ten percent
103. Ten percent

103. Ten percent

Vienna 8/28/2021

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In the chapter on Psychological warfare I mentioned a psychologist from Austria, Mag. Katayun PRACHER-HILANDER. A week ago she argued in an interview with the Austrian independent television company AUF1, that we don’t need a huge mass of undecided people to make a policy change.

From a psychological point of view, the psychological war is just beginning. We now have a moment of calm before the storm. We have had small skirmishes so far, but the decisive (psychological) war is still ahead of us. In autumn the propaganda fight against these “unvaccinated egoists” begins. We hear the first signals in the media. If you are not vaccinated, we will not pay your salary, you will not receive any medical treatment, etc. There have already been proposals on TV to send people who are not in a medical experiment on unpaid leave. That way, it will be easy to bring the economy to total ruin – we’re already halfway there. When half of the workers are disabled, there is not much the other half can do.

When people are exposed to an invisible threat – the virus – anything can be done on the basis of fear. It is enough if 10% of the population actively oppose this madness and this house of lies will fall apart by itself.

Because if half of the population has succumbed to propaganda and has accepted this experimental substance, then there is still the other half who just don’t want it. Even at the price of foregoing the “free” sausage! Among the carriers of the effects of the mRNA experiment, only a minority took the preparation out of fear of the virus. The main reason, though completely devoid of logic, was to return to normal life – travel, venues, parties, and theaters. Masks must be worn like everyone else, and official media are increasingly reporting that the majority – around 70% – of those newly “infected”, i.e. those who tested positive, took the full dose of the medical experiment. If this group of fellow citizens does not feel cheated, it can only be a sign of self-deception.

It is hard to expect that people who so easily succumbed to the propaganda for a dangerous experiment will now take to the streets to protest, but who knows what despair can lead to? According to my estimates, about 75% of the adult population do not support – at least passively – incomprehensible government measures to “protect” us from invisible threats.

Don’t you wonder why politicians have tried to scare us for so many years? Drugs, terror, failed pandemics, false claims about industrial global warming. In two weeks it will be 20 years since the WTC attacks in New York. I am currently preparing some interesting documentaries on the subject.

The author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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