78. The effects of vaccination in Germany
78. The effects of vaccination in Germany

78. The effects of vaccination in Germany

Vienna 5/13/2021

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Today I found information in German from the Federal Ministry of Health in Germany about vaccination complications in this country.

This is an answer to how many people who received vaccines were hospitalized and how many died.

Today, May 13th, this journalist (Boris Reitschuster) received this answer:

Hello Mr. Reitschuster,

In response to yesterday’s question as to whether there are surveys of the percentage of those who tested positive, of those admitted to hospitals and of those who died of COVID-19, the following submission was made:

After more than 36 million vaccination doses were administered, a total of 57,146 (0.016%) vaccinated COVID-19 cases were reported, of which 44,059 (77%) were vaccinated once and 13,087 (23%) were vaccinated twice. Due to the short response time, it is not possible to state whether the disease occurred 15 days after the 2nd vaccination (start of the assumed complete immune protection through the vaccination) and is therefore to be regarded as a breakthrough vaccination for the 2x vaccinated persons due to the short response time.

Of the 1x vaccinated (n = 44,059), 28,270 (64%) people reported an onset of the disease, 4,562 (10%) reported hospitalization and 2,045 (4.6%) reported that they had died.

Of the 2x vaccinated (n = 13,087), 4,999 (38%) people reported an onset of the disease, 1,659 (13%) reported hospitalization and 662 (5.1%) reported that they had died.

Information on the proportion with intensive medical treatment is not available for either group.

With best regards


Press department

Federal Ministry of Health

The author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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