330. When is the end of the war?
330. When is the end of the war?

330. When is the end of the war?

Vienna 12/01/2022

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Judge Napolitano’s interesting interview with Ritter Scott appeared on YouTube yesterday.

Since Poles are not there as Polish soldiers, they are there (in Ukraine) as Ukrainian army, in USA they are called “sheep in disguise”, i.e. they wear Ukrainian uniforms but fight as Polish units (probably under Polish command) . I talked to the commander of the Russian army (from Chechnya) near Luhansk, he told me that they hear radio communications from the front all the time, earlier it was Ukrainian language, today there is French, English and Polish. We only hear Polish, Polish, Polish. Polish corpses are piling up, Poles have already confessed, more than a thousand soldiers’ corpses were brought back to Poland, this is starting to become a problem in Poland because questions are being asked, why so many Polish corpses, is Poland at war? Quote from Artur Kalbarczyk’s channel on MeWe.

Why is the Polish government, realizing that Ukraine has already lost this war, sending Poland into a hopeless war to die? At least not because Polish television has been preaching about the victory of strong Ukraine over weak Russia for the past six months. Polish politicians realize that this propaganda has nothing to do with reality. Knight Scott offers the only logical explanation that after the lost war, Polish soldiers will organize the takeover of the western part of Ukraine by Poland. Whether in the form of a Polish-Ukrainian union or simply occupying the lands Stalin took from Poland. If that’s true, then Polish politicians are dumber than their past behavior suggests.

Ironically, the Ukrainian Minister of Justice Alexander Lavrinovich has now committed an embarrassing faux pas: As a rival member of parliament from the ruling Party of Regions revealed, the Minister of Justice uses a Mercedes GL 420 as his company car, which has been reported stolen in Germany since January 2010. Incidentally, this is not an isolated case: the legalization of stolen vehicles is tolerated by the state in Ukraine. Source.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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