65. New normality
65. New normality

65. New normality

Vienna 4/1/2021

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It’s been going on for a year but nobody really knows what it is?

Mask, test, vaccine? These are only symptoms, maybe symbols too, but they are not determinants of this new reality. After all, a snout isn’t the most important sign of captivity for a dog. It is mainly the length of the leash or chain.

We are not yet reduced to the role of a dog! That’s right – especially when the word “still” is underlined.

A divided society – a sad reality. Are you for wearing a mask or against it. Accept or decline the vaccination. To test, or not to test. They all have arguments that are perfectly appropriate to them. This split divides family and friends.

The new reality has been carefully planned, but how it will be shaped in the future is entirely up to us. The plandemists are a minority. That’s no more than 2,000 to 3,000 people worldwide. Most prime ministers and presidents are just corrupt puppets and do not belong to them. More than half of the total capital belongs to the people who invented this story for us. And that’s what their strength is based on.

As you can see from the example of the media, the media landscape has been corrupted worldwide. In large part, but not all.

This minority is very afraid of us. If they fail, and I think that’s what will happen in the end, they will be held accountable. you use psychological methods of warfare. Yes, they will only do what is safe for them to do.

Any resistance is a great risk for the plandemists. That is why I take part in every peaceful demonstration, regardless of whether there is an ordinance by the Interior Minister against it. You cannot counteract injustice by following the rules set by criminals.

Author Marek Wojcik

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