268. Playing with fire
268. Playing with fire

268. Playing with fire

Wroclaw / Poland 8/05/2022

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Yesterday, Thursday, there was a series of explosions in Berlin on the premises of a police-owned explosives storage facility, which caused a fire. Due to the risk of further explosions, the fire could not be extinguished so far. As the mainstream rbb24de – the Internet platform of the state ARD television – reports – the fire brigade is approaching the blast site.

30 tons of ordnance and 20 defused large bombs from the Second World War with a TNT content of six tons are stored on the blast site.

Current balance: 1.5 hectares of burnt forest, four sources of fire, which make the work of the firefighters more difficult. Train services were suspended near the forest and a section of the Avus highway was closed. Fortunately, there were no injuries.

A month ago, the media reported on several major fires in Rome. In 42 years, exactly 2,000 years will have passed since the arson of Rome attributed to the then ruler Emperor Nero.

The great fire in Rome is symbolic. Then as now, it is assumed that the perpetrators were people who were connected to the power of the republic.

The number of wildfires around the world has increased over the past two years. Such a fire makes an excellent argument for supporters of the conspiracy theory known as global warming. For example, in July 2022 a forest fire broke out along the A7 motorway near Kassel / Germany. The fire line ran a long way along the highway, as if the perpetrators wanted information about the disaster to reach as many people as possible.

The TF-19 Wasp flamethrower, developed by the American company Throwflame, is capable of firing a stream of fire at ground targets at a distance of about 7.5 meters for 100 seconds. In this way, the elite are setting the planet on fire and destroying the livelihoods of hundreds of animal species.

To confirm these events, I will present you with a video showing forests being set on fire:

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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