260. Police are looking for victims
260. Police are looking for victims

260. Police are looking for victims

Vienna 7/24/2022

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Police are looking for vaccine dead! With us? No, we have to wait a little longer for that. An article on this topic has appeared on Wochenblick.de and is about New Zealand.

The discrepancy between what the government is still announcing about the effectiveness and safety of Covid-19 gene treatments and what is reality is now pointed out by the medical group “New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science” (NZDSOS) in a letter to the police. The charge is “Death by regulatory failure. There is an alarmingly high number of deaths and disability from the Covid-19 bites by themselves and compared to any other treatment or current vaccine.”

The medical group complains that the country’s control systems have been deactivated to hide the extent of the damage. In addition, the reporting of undesirable side effects is not mandatory. Children and young people are dying and suffering heart damage in particular (although many healthy older people have also died), while their risk of Covid-19 is particularly low. “We think we’re being lied to.” The group also refers to an urgent supplement from the British Statistical Office of May 31 this year: According to this, the standardized mortality rate shows a double risk for people between 18 and 39 years of dying from all causes aggravated by the “vaccination”. Also an urgent addendum from June 11th: “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” (SADS), which is now being pushed as an explanation for the sudden passing of relatives, friends and employees.

Critically, the group of physicians also points out that we are now being told that “monkey pox” is the reason for many post-vaccination blistering infections – such as shingles, herpes and autoimmune blistering diseases. These “attempted deceptions and much more” were reported on the NZDSOS.com website. The letter finally cites thirty staggering deaths (out of a total of 500 documented) in people between the ages of 13 and 75 who have occurred after a Covid-19 genetic stitch. A group of volunteers from the fields of health, science and IT collected these in a database. This is important because “the product is experimental” and global reporting systems about “vaccination side effects” were alarming – even before full vaccination coverage began in New Zealand. Many governments and public health agencies are still going ahead, the group laments.

What does Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern say about this? Well, she explained that the New Zealand government is the only source of truth:

Things can get uncomfortable for New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Klaus Schwab’s apprentice. Despite undisputed evidence of the toxic effects of Covid-19’s genetic material, the New Zealand government has launched a vaccination programme. Even more telling is that despite the record number of vaccinations, the number of infections is now rising rapidly.

New Zealand police investigate vaccine dead – Jacinda Ardern shocked. Photo: newspunch.com

New Zealand police have now indicated they are investigating the unusually high death toll following the nationwide rollout of Covid-19 gene treatment, after mounting pressure from lawyers and doctors.

According to Google, based on Our World in Data, 81 percent of the population in New Zealand have received multiple injections “against Covid-19”. Despite this, the number of deaths “on or from” Covid-19 is exploding this year. Actually, according to the prevailing narrative, this should not be the case, because vaccination is supposed to protect against serious illness and death.

Physicians should wear badges over their aprons and advertise companies that sponsor them and pay them to sell their medicines.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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