255. Sanctions
255. Sanctions

255. Sanctions

Vienna 7/16/2022

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Announcement in Donbass: Trade a Ukrainian prisoner of war for a good breakfast. Some would say: So economic sanctions work! What does it really look like?

Flows to the Middle East from Russia have risen every month since February, when the war in Ukraine began. They hit 155,000 barrels a day in June, according to Vortexa Ltd. data compiled by Bloomberg. By contrast, Europe’s imports slid 30% in the period.

Middle East oil-product imports from Russia last month reached the highest since at least the start of 2016. Well over a third went to the oil-trading and storage hub of Fujairah.

Middle East imports from Russia are on pace to surpass June’s record, with arrivals exceeding 220,000 barrels a day for July 1-11, Vortexa data show. That is, instead of taking care of increasing oil production, the Middle East countries merely mediate trade between Russia and Western countries. Source.

So why do Western politicians insist so much on these sanctions against Russia that are destroying their own economy? No, not because of their inherent stupidity. I wrote about it in the article: Do idiots govern us?

The politicians who sanctioned the vaccine genocide and obediently shut down the world economy now have no choice but to continue these hypocritical and criminal activities. We have nearly 200 countries in the world, and most of them have done the same thing – imposed hygiene dictatorship, bought vast quantities of medicines falsely labeled as vaccines, illegally advertised these substances, and reported deaths and serious injuries Vaccination silent.

All of this was secretly prepared for years. Otherwise, there is no such way to fool the majority of societies around the world. Who is behind this? Read the previous articles on this blog, you will find the answer to this question. In the top menu you will find Young Global Leaders, which has detailed information on most of these individuals. I call them globalists, although not all are globalists.

What we are seeing is just these globalists’ reaction to the inevitable financial crisis. They use this monetary collapse to take over the world. Intensive work is being done to introduce digital money and universal income. If they succeed, we become slaves to the world. It will not be possible to live in society unless we submit unconditionally to this new system. Every citizen of the world is assigned only one account by the central bank of his country. Access to money is granted only to those whom the system (i.e., the gray eminence who rules the world) deem worthy of the privilege.

In such a situation, the number of uninhabited islands to escape to will quickly drop to zero.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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