237. Climatic manipulation
237. Climatic manipulation

237. Climatic manipulation

Wroclaw / Poland 6/17/2022

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I wrote about the global climate lie over a year ago. An interview with the Swedish scientist and climate researcher Lennart Bengtsson has been published in Die Welt. Article title: Knowledge is the best medicine against climate anxiety.

For panicked eco-activists, I have one word of advice: get more knowledge on a topic you don’t understand. The climate crisis is a myth.

The media misrepresents the catastrophic effects of dangerous climate change, such as death at 30 degrees. In fact, people are more likely to die from the cold than from the heat. Precisely because people cannot afford to heat their homes, the coming winters will be harsh, Bengtsson said.

I believe that in the general public debate all climate change is seen as something negative, without pointing out that some climate changes are positive or even natural processes that have always existed. The warm climate in Europe today is more favorable to society than the typical climate of the 19th century. In fact, the warming of the 1930s was viewed by virtually everyone as generally positive. I fear that overly politicizing the climate debate will have negative consequences for basic research, as some scientists are skeptical and critical by nature. As a result, some scientists are now reluctant to address issues that some universities and funders may deem critical to the IPCC.

IPCC: The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Humans can easily adapt to the expected rise in temperature. Although sea level rise is problematic in some areas, it can be easily counteracted by coastal defense systems. This has already happened in the Netherlands. Trusting in scientific progress and human ingenuity, he concludes: I believe that in 100 years climate change caused by greenhouse gases will no longer be a problem.

Yes, I support global warming, I hate winter. what are you gonna do to me?

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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