236. Shelling of Donetsk
236. Shelling of Donetsk

236. Shelling of Donetsk

Wroclaw / Poland 6/16/2022

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There was sensational news in the Monday edition of the German daily news: The Russians shelled a civilian district in Donetsk controlled by their own army:

Little is left of this market in eastern Ukraine in Donetsk. Three people died in the Russian attack, many are injured. Due to the massive fire from the Russian army, Ukraine is becoming more and more powerless. The President of Ukraine is frustrated by the attitude of the West.

The German Anti-Spiegel – a magazine independent of mainstream propaganda – published an article on where I get this information from.

There are no military targets in Donetsk that would justify the shelling. There are also no military patrols in the streets. When you’re in Donetsk, you’d feel like you were in a normal city if there weren’t continuous explosions to be heard in the background.

The Tagesschau is obviously doing everything it can to drum up more arms supplies to Ukraine, even if civilians are then slaughtered with these arms. After all, shells from the newly delivered American M777 howitzers have been hitting the residential areas of Donetsk for over a week.

Even the most uneducated daily news viewer should know that Donetsk is a stronghold of “pro-Russian separatists”. Are the daily news editors so stupid that they don’t know where Donetsk is? Or does the Tagesschau editors think their viewers are so stupid that they don’t notice that the Tagesschau has just shown the consequences of Ukrainian shelling?

The Tagesschau deliberately lied, the original report of the Tagesschau on their site correctly referred to a Ukrainian attack, as this screenshot shows.

Separatists report fatalities after the Ukrainian attack on Donetsk. According to a local news agency, at least three people were killed and four others injured in an attack by Ukrainian artillery on a market in the pro-Russian Donetsk region occupied by separatists. A child was among those killed, the Donetsk news agency reported.

The Reuters report about it also tells the truth, but the Tagesschau didn’t want to report the truth and lied to its viewers like ice.

Left: Reuters: “The attack by Ukrainian artillery on a market in the Russian-backed Donetsk region on Monday killed at least three people, including a child, and injured 18″ … Right, Tagesschau: “Civilian targets – still dying under fire from the Russian army. This is the market in the East Ukrainian city of Donetsk, or what’s left of it “…

But of course there is no propaganda in Germany, especially not on German state television…

[6/17/2022] The editors regretted these “mistakes” not on TV, but on the blog. The comments are interesting. The website has been automatically translated into English.

Author of the article: Marek Wojcik

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